Sweet Dreams

Happy bright shiny New Year!  May this be a time of dreaming, planning and achieving all that you desire!

So, I have been hearing from many of you that you are struggling with sleep.  You can’t fall asleep, your sleep is restless and you are having trouble staying asleep.  I want to give you a few suggestions.

  1. Unplug!  Give your mind and your eyes a break from technology for at least an hour before you plan to sleep.  Consider removing electronics from the bedroom or at least moving technology to the other side of the room reducing your temptation to check and check in.
  2. Prepare! Spend a few moments before bed preparing for the morning.  Knowing you are ready to walk out the door will allow your mind to stop list making.
  3. Read! Instead of scanning social media or emails, spend a few minutes reading something enjoyable. Lose yourself  in well written words.
  4. Let Go! Keep a notebook beside your bed.  If you can’t stop making a mental “to do” list, write the things you are thinking about down and let them go.
  5. Breathe! When you get into bed, before attempting to sleep, do a few moments of relaxation breathing.  Just be still.
  6. Scan!  Slowly scan your body from head to toe noticing where you are holding tension. Give these areas attention and breath and feel yourself sinking into relaxation.
  7. Apply! Yes, of course!!  Apply your favorite Young Living oil for bedtime, or try this, my favorite blend.
  8. Sweet Dreams!!!!

Bed time Blend

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