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D awn is available to bring her unique insights and presentation style to your small or large group events. She has experience presenting in libraries, schools, churches, businesses and private homes. She can present from the following list of topics or work with you to tailor her presentation to meet the specific needs of your group.


Essential Oil Basics

Are you finding Essential Oils everywhere you go these days? Are you tempted to buy them off the shelf at discount prices? Are you wondering if they will be safe, effective and pure? Come join me for an interactive conversation about the wonders of Essential Oils and learn how to be a choosy consumer. You and your family deserve the BEST oils available, and I will show you how to get them at 24% off!!!
I am an Essential Oil Enthusiast and Educator. I am also a Clinical Aromatherapist! Come and ask me any question you have about essential oils. I love a good challenge and you can give me an excuse to do some research for you!!


Vitality and Energy with Essential Oils

In the hustle and bustle of today’s world, it can be difficult to maintain all those good intentions about living a more healthy lifestyle. But healthy living doesn’t have to be hard!!
Come learn about my favorite oils to help in all four areas of health: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.


The BEST for your Pets!

I often hear the question: “Can I use essential oils on my animals?” My answer: “Absolutely!”
Which oils are safe to use? How much can I apply? Should I diffuse or apply topically?
If you’ve ever had questions like these, I’m here to help!
Caring for your pets naturally is just a little bit easier thanks to Young Living’s Animal Scents Essential Oil Collection. This collection by Young Living contains 6 specially formulated essential oil blends to support your favorite pet! Your pet can also benefit from the specially design shampoo, repellent spray and treats!
Come find out why Young Living has the very best solutions for People and their Pets!


The Wonders of THIEVES!

Join me to learn about Young Living’s Thieves line of products. I am OBSESSED with this line and think you will be too, especially when you learn all the toxic products you can replace with just Thieves cleaner!!!! I can’t wait to show you how easy these products make your life and the money you will save.


Ditch and Switch!

What are you putting on your skin, on your counter, or on your face that could be harmful???!!!! Oh my goodness, it is time to DITCH those toxic chemicals and SWITCH to clean, safe alternatives!!!
In this fun, interactive class, I will ask you to bring 3 products from home. One cleaning product, one skin care product and one makeup product. I will scan them in class to find out just how toxic they are…. and then, don’t worry, I’ll give you some GREAT safe alternatives you can trust!!!
Join me and take the next step toward a healthier home and a healthier lifestyle!!


 All Systems GO!

Wouldn’t it be great to feel like every system of your body was working at it’s very best? Do you feel like you need a plan to help you achieve your wellness goals?
I will break down barriers and take away that overwhelmed feeling surrounding your body and help you choose the right oils and supplements to support you.
Come learn how to choose the right Essential Oils and Supplements to keep things running smoothly in your body. I’ll also throw in some Healthy Lifestyle options to really keep you on track!!

Cooking with Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living, the world leader in Essential Oils , is the only company to have an entire line of oils labeled in FDA compliance as “ingestible” oils.  The line is named Vitality! These oils can be consumed in water, added to salad dressings, soups and sauces. Join me in class and learn how to add more nutrition, energy and vitality in your meals with Young Living Essential Oils!

Create Your Own Body Care Products

Learn to make toxin free products you will feel safe using. Each participant will go home with several goodies. Among the products demonstrated will be probiotic deodorant, lip balm, body scrubs, bath salts, hand sanitizers and healing salves.

Miracle Mornings  

Based on the popular book, The Miracle Morning, by Hal Elrod, this presentation will prepare attendees to start their mornings set up for greater energy and success throughout the day.  See how supercharging your morning can shift everything in your life!


 Natural Immune Support

Explore ways to boost your immune system and keep your family healthy.


Healing Oils of the Bible

Learn how ancient oils were used in biblical times and how they can be used today.


The Gifts of the Magi

Discover a new way to look at the gifts of Balsam Fir “the Gold”, Frankincense and Myrrh.


Relaxation Breathing and Essential Oils for Stress Reduction

Practice simple breathing techniques and using essential oils for calming and balance.


Vision Boards

In this unique Vision Boarding experience, you will create a board depicting all that you wish to draw into your life.  Dawn will guide you through various steps in which you will identify those things that no longer serve you, decide what you want to focus your intentions on in the future and create a visual to focus your attention on. Set the future you want to receive in motion with intention, attention and no tension!


One Word That Will Change Your Life

Through a three step process of discernment you will come up with One Word.  You will then vision board how this One Word will bring about change in each of the important aspects of your life. Maybe your word is Inspire, Breathe, Transform, Awaken…. come find out!!


Moving Forward Without Fear After a Cancer Diagnosis

In this workshop, Dawn, a two time cancer survivor will use the oils Hope, Believe and Frankincense along with breath, music and meditation, to help you move into peace from fear.





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